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Sichuan, a scene of the accident to identify the victims of the accident to death 3 dead

Pengxi County Party Committee Propaganda Department released the latest progress said

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Taiwan Miaoli Court where the train station is suspicious items police block the scene

The first platform of the station at the station is also found by the people.

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Hunan a village party secretary privately converted the van into a police car law enforcement

Netizen broke the news that Shaoyang City, Hunan Shaodong County Huangpi Bridge Township, a village secretary secretly converted the van into a police car

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Hunan Hengyang a captain of the public security bus has been removed for two years

Gui Jinsong bus private, traffic is true

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The "Islamic State" declared responsibility for the Belgian attack

The incident caused two police officers to be injured

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Yunnan municipal party committee secretary to journalists identity unannounced visits to deal with more than 30 illegal officials

Yunnan Province Zhaotong party secretary Liu Jianhua revealed in Kunming

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Jiangxi Yichun coal mine flooding accident 7 people trapped: has been restored ventilation system

Yichun City, Jiangxi Province, Yuzhou District, West Village, North tank coal mine flooding accident

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Solomon Islands 6.9 magnitude earthquake source depth of 10 km

The focal depth is 10 km

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Blue warning: "Avery" will be wandering in the northeast of the South China Sea

Taiwan Strait, the northeast of the South China Sea, the eastern coast of Guangdong, Fujian coastal will have 7 to 9 wind

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Woman one night after the fraud that pregnant with dragon and phoenix wealthy business people were wronged more than ten thousand

So Mr. Pan did not hear the phone the other end of the woman is actually the same person

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More than 100 hostages have been hijacked in Paris

The president is now evacuated

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Xinjiang Xinyuan earthquake disaster investigation: some houses damaged no casualties

Yili Prefectural Party Committee and Civil Affairs Department also sent a working group to nine townships in Xinyuan County for post-earthquake investigation

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Nobel Peace Prize Chairman was replaced to award to Obama

Yagland in the Nobel Peace Prize has just served as chairman of the award will be awarded to the newly elected President of the United States President Obama

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Guangzhou campus to the younger age of secondary school students shop shop when the treasurer

After the school invested in the pre-funding students self-financing students in the campus shop when the boss

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Mother's Day micro letter brush screen drying mother friends ridicule: one day know all the mother

Beijing Morning News 96101 hotline news (Reporter Tie Jin) Yesterday was Mother's Day

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Residents' houses have been repeatedly seized: no evidence room can not become a monk meat

Hohhot, March 23 (Reporter Zou Jubing Dong Lu) has been seventeen years of the house repeatedly seized the house

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Police accused of smashing the game room police: gambling law enforcement is not standardized

The above post issued "on the Fuzhou tea garden police station smashed the game hall of the complaint" written material display

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Foreign media: China to accelerate the opening of the bond market will help boost the economy

Approved a large number of foreign investors to enter the Chinese bond market

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Henan: the end of the year the end of the court for migrant workers to pay the case

Henan court will carry out a two-month wage arrears of migrant workers focus on special activities

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