Hunan and Jiangxi provinces at the junction of large trucks overloading up to nearly 100 tons

Witnessed the operation of Liuyang City, ultra-law enforcement super-law enforcement personnel
Overloaded vehicles overload, not only serious damage to the road and the bridge, but also easily lead to road traffic accidents, often become "the culprit." However, in the Hunan and Jiangxi provinces at the junction, but active in a number of "crazy truck": illegal modification of the modified, serious overload, collective clearance obstruction of law enforcement. Overload of up to 100 tons of Dongfeng sector is an important channel for the exchange of Hunan and Jiangxi. Recently, according to the masses, 319 National Road, Dongfeng, Jiangxi Province, both sides stopped dozens of "Big Mac" large trucks, most of them from Jiangxi Tank trailer to Hunan. These trucks due to overloading overload can not pass the provincial side of the other side of Liuyang City, the flow of law enforcement checkpoints, had to stop at the roadside with law enforcement officers "time", waiting for the collective clearance. Not long ago, the reporter in the town of Liuyang City, Hunan Province and Jiangxi Shangli County Jinshan town at the junction of Dongfeng, witnessed Liuyang City, ultra-law enforcement officers to investigate and deal with overrun overloading truck action. As Liuyang City in the border set up a flow law enforcement hurdles, often a large number of trucks, such as long queues stopped at the level of the territory of Jiangxi. "Truck drivers wait until the morning when the law enforcement officers tired, waiting for an opportunity to shut down or consume us to evacuate." Talking about the governance of foreign provinces over the overload of overloading embarrassment, Liuyang City Road, a team captain Qiuhui look helpless. Liuyang City Yang Jiachao limit station leader Peng Xianfu said, Jiangxi Gaoyan rich tiles, and Liuyang is a high security tiles into the Hunan market an important channel, so Dongfeng often have a large number of "tiles" access. However, these large trucks are heavily overloaded. Once they enter the territory of Liuyang City, will give the local trunk road and bridge security caused a great threat. A law enforcement record shows that Liuyang City Yangjia ultra-limit station June 12-13 this year, a law enforcement action intercepted a total of seven Jiangxi license cargo vehicles. What is shocking is that one of the trailers loaded with river sand in the load on the loadometer, the maximum weight of 150 tons of weighbridge suddenly burst table. According to Liuyang City Highway Bureau, in addition to transport can not be disassembled goods vehicles approved by the road running vehicles, the total weight of vehicles should not exceed 55 tons. "Usually, a train load of 60 tons, which weighs far more than two cars in the car." Law enforcement officers said. The two provinces governance measures are not in place due to the general overload of large trucks caused by chaos in the freight market, the formation of "do not overload to earn money" situation. According to some truck drivers to reflect the current freight market prices are not unified, chaotic order, had to compete for lower prices to accept the supply, and "in order to obtain profits must take the risk of overload." Reporters survey found that the freight market gradually formed a "low price - overload - excess capacity - and then overload," the vicious cycle. It is understood that, due to long-term overload operation, the normal use of life in about 10 years of trucks, as long as after 4 to 5 years after the scrapped, this cost eventually let the truck driver worth the candle. In addition, overloading trucks rampant Hunan-Jiangxi border is an important reason for the two provinces do not match the regulatory and governance. From August 2014 onwards, Hunan in the province to carry out the vehicle overrun overloading remediation action, focusing on vehicle, cargo source management and road law enforcement. Liuyang City, located in the border between Hunan and Jiangxi is playing a "comprehensive governance super" combination boxing, making Liuyang local truck overload overrun phenomenon has been fully curbed, but the effect of transit goods overweight. According to the Hunan law enforcement officers, Jiangxi to Hunan, some of the transit cargo carrying capacity, do not obey the command, and even collective impulse to resist law enforcement, coupled with the intensity of the two remediation, to the border governance caused a passive pass. Some large trucks to avoid the detection point, abandoned the road to take the road. Sometimes, when the overload car was forced to transport, then find a place to reload the goods together, play "hide and seek" game. Overloaded cars in Jiangxi four counties and cities is worthy of doubt that these serious overload of the "tiles" from the high plant in Jiangxi Province, in Jiangxi Province to go through the high security, high, Wanzai, Li Li four counties and cities, driving two hundred More than a kilometer to reach the Hunan-Jiangxi border. Why is this road unimpeded? "If you have investigated and dealt with in the middle, overload trucks will run on the border." Qiu said. In response to this question, Jiangxi Provincial Highway Bureau of the person in charge of 11 told reporters that in recent years, many cities in Jiangxi have dispatched a lot of manpower and material resources, and that did not encounter the goods weighing 150 tons so Serious situation, but also need to investigate. At present, Jiangxi in the important hub of the run on the super-station there are 24, but because the road network is too developed, it is difficult to achieve comprehensive monitoring. The next step will be to vigorously take remedial measures, including the strengthening of mobile law enforcement. According to Xinhua News Agency

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