Jiangsu, the first school bus overcrowding sentencing sentencing sentenced the driver was sentenced to criminal detention for 2 months

The driver Zang a suspected dangerous driving crime was XingJu
Nanjing, January 28 (Reporter Cui Jiaming) December 7 last year, Jiangsu Yizheng occurred with the overloading of school buses and cars collided with students injured traffic accidents. Afterwards, the driver Zang Mou suspected of dangerous driving crime XingJu, which is since November last year, "Penalty" since the implementation of Jiangsu seized the first school bus overcrowding into criminal cases. 28, Jiangsu Yizheng court held a public hearing of the case. The defendant Zang Mou due to overcrowding students, was sentenced to criminal detention for 2 months, and fined 2,000 yuan. On the afternoon of December 7 last year, the driver Zangmou driving bus to Yizheng City private "big windmill" kindergarten children on the way to the Yizheng City Auto Industrial Park Mingqi Road and Zhongjiang Road fork, collided with a car, resulting in There were students injured in the car. After the accident, according to the police informed, after investigation, the accident of this ordinary passenger car containing nine people, carrying 17 people (15 kindergarten students, a teacher, a driver), in the accident suffered minor injuries 2 students were taken to hospital for treatment. Subsequently, the Jiangsu Provincial Traffic Police Corps openly informed the accident. Informed the contents of the said, after treatment, two minor injuries have been discharged home, and Zangmou because of the road driving motor vehicles engaged in school bus business more than the rated passenger passengers, suspected of dangerous driving criminal detention by the police. The contents of the notice pointed out that the punishment based on Zangmou from November 1 last year from the formal implementation of the "People's Republic of China Criminal Law Amendment (9)". The Act supplemented the dangerous driving offense of Article 133 of the Penal Code, driving motor vehicles on the road to engage in school bus or passenger transport, seriously exceeding the rated occupant, or seriously exceeding the prescribed speed As well as violation of dangerous chemicals safety management provisions of the transport of dangerous chemicals, endangering public safety and other circumstances, and provides motor vehicle owners, managers of the above acts have a direct responsibility, in accordance with the dangerous driving conviction and punishment. Author: Cui Jiaming

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